The Peril and Promise of the Rising Tide of Healthcare Data

May 11, 2023Sriram Devarakonda 

Digitization efforts of the last 20 years is enabling the healthcare industry to collect more patient information, raising the stakes on effectively using it to innovate

The digitization of healthcare has been happening at scale during the last two decades. Considerable progress has been made in reducing waste, improving quality of care, data sharing and clinical research.

The proliferation of electronic health records (EHR) and other clinical systems have launched an extensive data explosion that the industry is still learning to handle. Whichever role you play in the healthcare eco-system, the challenges of working with healthcare data are ubiquitous, ranging from data exchange and access, consolidation, and integration of highly disparate datasets.

This article originally appeared on in our series on the data explosion in the healthcare industry....

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