We are unwavering in our belief in the transformative power of teamwork. Our mission is to help healthcare organizations use technology to deliver clinical, revenue cycle, and operational changes to solve today’s complex challenges. We are assembling a team of exceptional individuals with diverse skills and experiences, fostering a collaborative culture that fuels innovation and facilitates the seamless delivery of valuable technology solutions. By working together, we enable prompt and impactful action that drives meaningful change. At Cardamom Health, our success is rooted in the power of teamwork as we improve healthcare outcomes through data-driven solutions.

Our Team-Based Approach

Our client partners depend on us to get the most value from critical IT investments and find novel solutions to their most strategic problems. ​

The challenges we take on are too large and complex for a “go-it-alone” approach, so we leverage our team-based model to achieve the best outcomes. ​

Work is more rewarding alongside friends, and the glow of success is brighter when it is shared. If you have an infectious enthusiasm for learning and are looking for your team, we should talk.
Cardamom Health Careers - Vivek Sriram

What We Offer

We offer a unique opportunity to make a tangible and lasting impact in a rapidly expanding and indispensable sector of healthcare IT. ​

Our dynamic environment is designed to foster continuous learning and elevate your skills, bolstered by a robust culture of growth, comprehensive training programs, and mentorship initiatives. ​

If you relish the opportunity to collaborate with genuine and thoughtful individuals and share the excitement of building something truly remarkable, Cardamom Health could be the perfect match for you!
Cardamom Health Careers - Bridget Andy

What DEI Means at Cardamom

Comprehensive and thoughtful healthcare solutions require a team that mirrors the diversity of the patients our client partners serve. Diversity is a perpetual, ever-evolving goal without a “mission accomplished” endpoint. ​

Our approach to advancing diversity is ingrained in our team-based approach, opening new doors in a historically difficult-to-join industry. We thoughtfully create project teams to harness the richness of unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences each member brings, fostering problem-solving that unleashes fresh ideas, creativity, and compassion. ​

Inclusivity and curiosity define our organizational culture, empowering us to address challenges from multiple angles and make a positive impact on our customers – and ultimately, their patients.

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