About Us

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and founded by a KLAS award-winning managed services leadership team, we are a multi-disciplinary team of data, analytics, and applications experts.

We empower our clients to maximize the value of their IT investments by providing results-based services to improve quality, business outcomes, and overall patient experience ​– all at a much lower cost than traditional consulting.

Why Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice used the world over with a complex, unique flavor profile that benefits both taste and health. It brings flavor to a dish that is well beyond the sum of its ingredients.​

So it is with Cardamom Health. We help health systems get the most from their IT investments, increasing the value of their data and applications.

Cardamom Health Core Values

Our Mission

With a focus on committed outcomes and value, we empower healthcare organizations to efficiently and effectively use data, analytics, and applications to improve the quality and cost of care while enhancing the patient and provider experience.

Our Vision

To enable the best outcomes for healthcare by maximizing the value of data and technology.

Our Leadership Team

Vivek Swaminathan - CEO Cardamom Health

Vivek Swaminathan

Chief Executive Officer
Adam Dial - CCO Cardamom Health

Adam Dial

Chief Customer Officer
Sriram Devarakonda - CTO Cardamom Health

Sriram Devarakonda

Chief Technology Officer
Andy Mueller - COO Cardamom Health

Andy Mueller

Chief Operating Officer
Bridget Bell - VP Business Development Cardamom Health

Bridget Bell

VP Business Development
John Manzuk - Partner

John Manzuk

Emily Nidetz -
Human Resources Leader Cardamom Health

Emily Nidetz

VP - People
Anna Crum -
Senior Consultant Cardamom Health

Anna Crum

Senior Consultant

Cardamom Health is proud to be a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

Cultivate the value of your healthcare data, analytics, and applications.
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