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Delivering efficient, cost-effective, and predictable data to meet today’s critical business needs


Data teams are under immense pressure to maintain an infrastructure that delivers predictable, low cost, high-quality, and timely data to your business partners. At Cardamom Health, we want to help relieve this pressure and empower your team to provide the highest quality experience to your end users.

Our multidisciplinary team of certified experts has served over 150 healthcare organizations. We function as an extension of your organization to help you deliver high-quality, timely data. Through service level agreements and open communication channels, your stakeholders will have access to predictable, high-quality data without disruption, so they can focus on delivering healthcare excellence.

Cardamom’s Data Services

EHR Data Operations

  • Content loads such as users and providers
  • Enterprise Registries development and maintenance
  • Data loads such as Claims
  • Optimization of EHR analytics content
  • Management and monitoring of ETL processes within EHR

Reporting and Data Submissions

  • Report development and maintenance
  • Data delivery to regulatory and compliance stakeholders

EHR Data Integration

  • HL7 interface development and management
  • FHIR & API-based integration

Data Modernization

  • Enterprise data architecture and strategy
  • Cloud data engineering services
  • Data, analytics, and application rationalization
  • Data governance strategy, tools, and processes
  • Build and maintain data definitions, business glossaries, and metadata
  • Data services management, maintenance, and monitoring

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