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Delivering efficient, cost-effective, and predictable data to meet today’s critical business needs
In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, data services stand as a pivotal cornerstone, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of healthcare management, delivery, and operations with focus and precision. At Cardamom Health, we specialize in delivering comprehensive data services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

Our expertise spans from optimizing electronic health record (EHR) data operations and implementing seamless data integration to facilitating robust reporting and pioneering data modernization strategies. Designed to address the pressing challenges faced by healthcare organizations today, our solutions empower teams to focus on what they do best: delivering data to meet their organization’s most critical business needs.


Data teams are under immense pressure and capacity constraints to deliver predictable, low cost, high-quality, and timely data to your business partners. At Cardamom, we want to empower your team to provide the highest quality experience to your end users. The rapidly changing healthcare digital landscape has brought about new challenges for healthcare organizations, often needing solutions for the following:
  • EHR Data Operations: Managing, maintaining the disparate data operations that occur within and outside the EHR
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and completeness of healthcare data across the core transactional systems
  • Data Governance: Creating a foundation of clear data definitions and processes to support analytics based decision making
  • Data Interoperability: Facilitating seamless communication between disparate healthcare systems and applications
  • Reporting and Compliance: Meeting operational and regulatory requirements with timely access to reports
  • Data Security: Protecting sensitive patient information against unauthorized access and cyber threats

Cardamom’s Data Services

Our suite of Data Services is designed to elevate the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of your organization's data management practices. Focusing on the multifaceted needs of healthcare, we can help you achieve compliance and operational excellence, and also empower you to achieve innovation in patient care. Here's a closer look at our specialized services:

EHR Data Operations

  • Content loads such as users and providers
  • Enterprise Registries development and maintenance
  • Data loads (e.g. claims, patient rosters)
  • Optimization of EHR analytics content
  • Management and monitoring of ETL processes within EHR
  • Maintain and monitor HL7 and other interfaces in and out of the EHR
Our EHR data operations services help maximize the investment of your EHR features and functions, with an additional focus on improving the quality of patient care and operational efficiency.

Reporting and Data Submissions

  • Report development and maintenance
  • Data delivery to regulatory and compliance stakeholders
  • Data submissions to external bodies such as research, registries, and payers
We streamline report development and maintenance, ensuring that data delivery to regulatory and compliance stakeholders is both timely and accurate. Our team can develop reports to achieve and maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations and standards, while also providing valuable insights for decision-making.

EHR Data Integration

  • HL7 interface development and management
  • FHIR & API-based integration
  • Third-party data integration (e.g. claims, supply chain, patient satisfaction)
Our expertise in EHR data integration facilitates seamless interoperability between disparate healthcare systems. Through HL7 interface development, FHIR, and API-based integration, we help provide your healthcare providers with a unified view of patient information, improving care coordination and patient outcomes.

Data Modernization

  • Enterprise data architecture and strategy
  • Cloud data engineering services
  • Data, analytics, and application rationalization
  • Data governance strategy, tools, and processes
  • Build and maintain data definitions, business glossaries, and metadata
  • Data services management, maintenance, and monitoring
Our data modernization service is designed to future-proof your healthcare organization by developing an enterprise data architecture and strategy, implementing cloud data engineering services. We also focus on data governance to support data management practices that are secure, compliant, and efficient.

Why Cardamom?

Our multidisciplinary team of certified experts has served over 150 healthcare organizations. We function as an extension of your organization to help you deliver high-quality, timely data. Through service level agreements and open communication channels, your stakeholders will have access to predictable, high-quality data without disruption, so they can focus on delivering healthcare excellence.
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