Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Cardamom Health

As a minority-owned company, we are passionate about building a diverse team incorporating various perspectives to build comprehensive, thoughtful healthcare solutions. This requires a team that mirrors the diversity of the patients our customers serve.

Our approach to advancing diversity is ingrained in our team-based model. We thoughtfully create project teams to harness the richness of the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences each member brings, fostering problem-solving that unleashes fresh ideas, creativity, and compassion. Inclusivity and curiosity define our organizational culture, empowering us to address challenges from multiple angles and make a positive impact on our customers – and ultimately, their patients.

By offering entry-level career opportunities across our company, we support and celebrate new team members as they break into a historically difficult-to-join industry and grow their career with Cardamom.
An inclusive workplace is one where all team members feel respected, valued, and included. Inclusive workplaces create a sense of belonging and emphasize the importance of embracing and celebrating individual traits and qualities.

At Cardamom, we are committed to:

Recruitment and hiring practices that ensure fair and equitable selection of candidates from diverse talent pools

Retention and workplace inclusiveness programs that promote a positive and supportive work environment for all employees

Professional development and advancement opportunities that provide equal opportunities for learning and growth to employees of different levels and backgrounds

Our senior leaders believe that the best ideas and outcomes come from the combined creativity and insights of everyone at Cardamom, and actively seek feedback from across our team prior to making transformational decisions. 

We’re all stakeholders and leaders, and are encouraged to speak up, share perspectives, and help make Cardamom a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all.

Grow Your Career with Cardamom Health

We offer a unique opportunity to make a tangible and lasting impact in a rapidly expanding and indispensable sector of healthcare IT. If you’re looking for the opportunity to collaborate with genuine and thoughtful individuals and share the excitement of building something truly remarkable, Cardamom could be the perfect match for you!
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Cardamom Health is proud to be a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise

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