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June 12, 2024
Cardamom Health Announces Investment by HealthX Ventures to Expand Advisory and Managed Services for Data, Analytics, and Applications

Cardamom Health is pleased to announce an investment by HealthX Ventures, a digital health-focused venture capital firm also based in Madison, Wisconsin. Cardamom will use this funding to grow its team and expand its data, analytics, and applications capabilities across value-based care, revenue cycle, and other advisory and managed services. This financing will also help Cardamom […]

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Governor Evers Announces $100M Investment Fund for Wisconsin Startups, Starting with Cardamom Health

MADISON —​ Gov. Tony Evers, together with Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes, today announced a major step forward in supporting Wisconsin entrepreneurs with the launch of the Wisconsin Investment Fund, a public-private venture capital initiative that will initially invest $100 million in startup businesses throughout the state. At an event at […]

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Managed Services: A Scalable Solution for Community Connect Support

Connect programs are a growing part of our industry. As IT partnerships across healthcare organizations continue to grow significantly, shared operational and technical support is becoming increasingly complex. In the host/affiliate partnership model, affiliate organizations gain access to the host organization’s electronic health record (EHR) and additional integrated systems in exchange for an annual program […]

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Challenging the Status Quo: Embracing a Culture of Continuous Feedback, Growth, and Collaboration

Discover how embracing continuous feedback and growth can transform your organization. Learn practical strategies to move beyond outdated annual reviews to foster a culture of collaboration and improvement with Cardamom Health.

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To Transform RCM, Commit to Transformation, not ‘Silver Bullets’

Organizations need a critical assessment to ensure they are overcoming finance challenges through strategic technology integration and data utilization. Looking back at my time as an application analyst in the revenue cycle space, the most dreaded service request tickets were the ones that started with, “How do I get a report for …” These seemingly […]

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Navigating the Complex Terrain of Healthcare Interoperability

While some progress has been made in exchanging data, there are challenges to solve to envision a seamless future in health data management. In a series of articles elsewhere, we have explored the challenges and opportunities presented by the extensive data explosion in the healthcare industry... This article originally appeared on in our series […]

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Rethinking Data Silos in Healthcare: From Isolation to Integration

The focus needs to shift from the destruction of data silos to establishing efficient communication channels for improved patient outcomes. In a series of articles, we’ve explored the challenges and opportunities presented by the extensive data explosion in the healthcare industry... This article originally appeared on in our series on the data explosion in […]

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Exploring the Potential of Data Convergence in the EHR

Organizations need to reimagine the EHR to make the transition from data silos to unified platforms to achieve better health outcomes. The question then arises: if this data isn't in the EHR, where can it be found? The answer potentially lies on your wrist, your phone or in your home. The rise of wearables and […]

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The Peril and Promise of the Rising Tide of Healthcare Data

Digitization efforts of the last 20 years is enabling the healthcare industry to collect more patient information, raising the stakes on effectively using it to innovate The digitization of healthcare has been happening at scale during the last two decades. Considerable progress has been made in reducing waste, improving quality of care, data sharing and […]

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