Managed Services Tailored for Healthcare Efficiency

At Cardamom Health, we understand the intricate dynamics of healthcare IT systems. Our Managed Services are designed to ensure your essential systems and applications are running optimally, providing a seamless experience for your patients, providers, and end-users. Our engagements are tied to quality outcomes and backed by committed service level agreements (SLAs) and root cause issue resolution.

From EHR system maintenance to optimization to analytics services, our team-based model allows us to customize our data, analytics, and application services to fit the precise needs of your healthcare organization – from the fractional, specialized needs of niche applications to enterprise EHR support – at a predictable and lower cost than typical consulting services.

Why Choose Cardamom’s Managed IT Services?

Daily EHR Application Management

  • We ensure a smooth, reliable EHR for your end-users with our continuous monitoring and maintenance services backed by committed SLAs.

Proactive Monitoring and Content Management

  • Our dedicated team provides routine system maintenance including error queue monitoring and content load updates.

Upgrade Services, Enhancement Requests, and System Optimization

  • Keep your EHR agile with our proactive updates and improvements, aligning with your evolving organizational needs. 

Hybrid Implementation and Strategic Project Staffing

  • Our flexible staffing model gives you access to the experts you need to execute strategic initiatives, and quickly adjust staffing levels throughout the project. Ideal for handling large scale efforts like testing and content build and freeing your team up for the mission critical activities.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

  • Harness the power of data with our advanced analytics services, providing you with actionable insights to drive informed decisions.

Third-Party and External Data Management

  • We integrate clinical, claims, and other essential data sets securely, enhancing your data-driven strategies.

Tailored to Your Healthcare Needs

Each feature of our service suite is crafted with the knowledge that healthcare providers, end users, and patients require swift, accurate, and dedicated IT support. Whether you're providing support for an entire healthcare system or navigating support for a specialized affiliate clinic, our team at Cardamom is equipped to handle the operational and technological demands of your enterprise, so you can focus on your patients, your employees and your business.

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Discover how our Managed IT solutions can transform your healthcare operations. Contact our team today to explore a partnership that's molded to the heart of healthcare efficiency.
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